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Bled is located in Gorenjska, between the Karavanken and the Julian Alps.

The enchanting lake, the castle on a cliff overlooking Bled, the green surroundings and the many opportunities that Bled has to offer, makes that Bled is the main tourist resort in Slovenia.

In the middle of the lake lays Blejski Otok, a small wooded island, on which a small church is located. This church from the 15th century was consecrated in 1465 by the first bishop of Ljubljana. In 1509 the church was damaged by an earthquake after which it was rebuilt. The present church dates from the 17th century. Through a traditional Pletna, a kind of gondola, the church can be visited.
The wishclock in the church can be tolled by the visitors. After tolling the bell, all their wishes will come true.

On top of the cliff besides the lake lays Blejski Grad. According to found back writings the castle dates from the year 1004. The texts refer to the German Emperor Henry II who would have given away the castle to Albuin bishop of Brixen in return for help he had given him.
Today one can find in the castle a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a print shop, a wine cellar and a herbal gallery. The castle consists of two courtyards, a chapel and a panoramic terrace with stunning views over Lake Bled and its surroundings.

Lake Bled is not very large and is about 2 km by 1380 m big. The best way to admire the lake is to stroll over the walking path around the lake. This trail is approximately 6 km long.
Next to the lake one can enjoy a refreshment on one of the terraces with a breathtaking view over the lake. One can also enjoy the culinary specialty kremšnita. This cream cake is the symbol of Bled and has a long tradition in Bled.

A stay in Bled is definitely recommended as one can plan several sightseeing trips in the area.
One can plan a walk around Lake Bohinj, the most beautiful lake in Slovenia.
Blejski Vintgar is a gorge near to Bled which is absolutely worth visiting. This gorge is situated 4 kilometers west of Bled. With the construction of a footpath against the rocks, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of this gorge to a maximum.
Furthermore one can visit Ljubljana, Triglav National Park, Radovljica and one can go skiing in winter.




















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