Sunday 21 Jan 2018



Slovenj Gradec is located in the north of Slovenia, in the Mislinia valley at the eastern end of the Karawanka Mountains.
The name of the city was first mentioned in 1091. The city developed between Mount Uršlja gora and the Pohorje Mountains, near the confluence of the rivers Mislinja and Suhodolnica.

Slovenj Gradec was founded by the Counts of Andechs. During some turbulent centuries, the city got into different hands. With the granting of city rights, Slovenj Gradec acquired city walls, privileges, a court and its own currency.

The old city center of Slovenj Gradec has preserved its original appearance. The highlights of the city are the former City hall where today houses the Koroška art gallery, the Church of St. Elizabeth from 1251, the birthplace of composer Hugo Wolf, Rote Turn Manor, the Soklic museum and the church of St. Duh.





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