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Koper is a city in the southwest of Slovenia and it’s one of the three port towns. It is located east of Izola and Piran, about 11 km from the Italian city Trieste. It is the main port city of Slovenia. Slovenia has a short coastline of about 50 kilometers at the Gulf of Trieste, which is part of the Adriatic Sea.

Koper is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. The city has evolved from a rocky island into a major tourist destination.
Koper originated in ancient times. The city was named Aegida by the Greeks. In Roman times the city was known as Capris, Caprea, Capre and also Caprista. In the Middle ages Koper was the administrative center of Istria and was renamed to Caput Histriae from which the Italian Capodistria is derived. The Italian name Capodistria (Head of Istria) refers to the location of the city in the most northern part of Istria.

Koper was up to the 19th century located on an island which was later connected with the mainland. The old town is a mosaic of architecture from different periods. The renovated buildings, streets and squares let revive the precious artistic atmosphere of former times. Koper is a city to wander around looking for interesting palaces, facades, religious buildings, wells and Venetian influences.

The attractive sights in Koper are the 15th century Praetorian Palace and Loggia in Venetian Gothic style, the Carmine Rotunda church from the 12th century and the Cathedral of St Nazaire, with its 14th century tower.
The main attraction of Koper is the old city center with Venetian influences. The center of the old town is Tito Square (Titov Trg). It is a sober piazza surrounded by slowly crumbling palazzi.
The Town Hall (Praetorian Palace) dating from the 15th century is the only fully restored building on the square. This palace is the symbol of Koper and houses the tourist office of the city.
Opposite the Arsenal is the Assumption Cathedral with its 36 m high belfry. The cathedral is partly Romanesque and partly Gothic. It dates mainly from the 18th  century and has a classic white interior.
Tourists can get to the top of the bell tower (Campanile). From here they have a fantastic view over the city.











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